15/12 – Callout in the Rhyl Area

The Team was called out at 18:57 on Saturday 14th April to search for a vulnerable missing person in the Rhyl area.  A number of areas were searched that evening but as darkness fell, the decision was made to regroup in the morning. 

On Sunday 15th April a number of areas were identified and searched and we were assisted by SARDA trailing dog handler Steve and his navigator Elaine.  Once those areas were completed and with no further information available to us, the team was stood down.

We heard via Twitter on Monday 16th that the missing person had been found alive and well with a huge thanks to all involved.

Article from the Daily Post – http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-north-wales-news/rhyl-news/2012/04/16/huge-search-for-missing-rhyl-man-55578-30765880/


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14/12 – Callout in the Colwyn Bay Area

The Team was contacted 15.36 yesterday (8th April) following reports of two missing teenagers in the Colwyn Bay area. 

Whilst the First Responder contacted North Wales Police, the Team was placed on standby but after discussions with the Police and the family, was stood down at 16.07 as the location of the two was known.

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Donations made to NEWSAR – March 2012

Below is a list of donations made to NEWSAR in March.  Thanks very much to everyone who has contributed:

  • £700.00 from the family and friends of Sam Edwards (callout 6/12) who made donations to the Team in his memory
  • £195.00 from the Burton & Puddington Walking Group
  • £100.00 from the St Asaph Rotary Club after one of our members gave a talk about the work we do
  • £324.84 from the collection box kept at the Blue Bell, Halkyn – that could well be a team record!
  • £200.00 from the Charities Trust

If you would like to donate to NEWSAR to help us continue our work you can post a cheque to NEWSAR, PO Box 37, Mold, CH7 1EZ.

If you are a tax payer please consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form and enclose it with your donation.

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Donations Made to NEWSAR – January and February 2012

Below is a list of donations made to NEWSAR in January and February.  Thanks very much to everyone who has contributed:

  • £500.00 from Wrexham Triathlon Club
  • £41.20 from Clwyd Mountaineering Club
  • £120.66 from Hope Parish Church
  • £655.79 from former Team member, Daniel Knox
  • £750.00 from No Fuss Events for first aid cover provided at one of their mountain bike races
  • £0.95 from Missionfish from an EBay seller who donated a percentage of their sales to the Team
  • £275.00 from the friends and family of Mike Murphy (Call Out 3/12)
  • £120.00 from the Charities Trust 
  • £59.75 from the Charities Trust
  • £50.00 from the Murphy’s Law Dance Group
  • £10.00 from Giving.com
  • £37.22 from the collection box at Blacks in the Broughton Retail Park
  • £30.19 from the collection box at Paddleworks in Llangollen
  • £27.57 from the Charities Trust
  • £5.96 from sales made through SpendandRaise.com
  • £230.00 from donations from people who prefer to remain anonymous

Once again, thanks very much to everyone who has contributed in this way as it helps the Team to keep running.

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