Dog reported stuck down an old mine

Dog stuck in water filled old mine shaft near Penycae.  After discussion with North Wales Cave Rescue they took on the job.  Unfortunately the dog could not be traced when they attended.

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Snow round up for Early March 2018

The recent snow has seen the team out assisting people in a number of ways.

We have rescued people trapped in their vehicles, transported patients to hospital for dialysis and attended other medical emergencies.

Our 4WD ambulance capability can often get through when other services cannot.  Also our team members are equipped and trained for dealing with exceptional weather.

In all were called on 8 occasions over 6 days.  Assisting 13 separate people.

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Missing person Holywell area

Missing person from Holywell area. As the team was starting to search the area around the last known point Police Officers located the missing person safe and well some distance away.

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Patient evacuation near Welshpool

Our snow related calls continued this afternoon with a request from Dyfed Powys Police to evacuate a patient with a serious medical condition from their remote home near Welshpool. In these circumstances a helicopter would be the best choice, but with low cloud and fog neither the Coastguard or Air Ambulance could assist. So it was back to good old fashioned stretcher work, before being put in our Landrover to be taken to Welshpool for handover to the Welsh Ambulance Service. Thanks to Seven Trent Water for the work with their snowplough that got us a lot closer and to some members of the public that assisted too. We hope the casualty gets well soon.


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