Ankle injury at Loggerheads

Lady with a bad ankle injury at the top of the cliffs at Loggerheads.  Treated at scene and then assisted a short distance to one of our Landrovers that had been able to drive close to the incident scene.  The casualty was taken to hospital by a member of her own party.  Get well soon.

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Missing male in Llandudno

Male missing in Llandudno.  NEWSAR initially called and some basic work started, before being handed over to Ogwen Mountain Rescue who cover this area.

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Paraglider crashed in a tree near Llangollen

Male became stuck 70 foot up a tree following the collapse of his paraglider.  Thankfully he was unhurt.  Team member rigged a rope rescue system to lower him to the ground, where he was examined by a team paramedic as fit and well and luckily able to walk away from a potentially life threatening situation.

The Daily Post covered this incident

“A paraglider was rescued after becoming trapped 70 feet up a tree.

Emergency services were called to the woodland in Llangollen today after the man became trapped high above the ground after his paraglider crashed into the trees.


A search and rescue volunteer was able to climb the tree to help get him down.

A spokesman for North East Wales Search and Rescue (NEWSAR) said: “Team members were called by North Wales Police at 12.40pm today to rescue a paraglider pilot trapped around 70 feet high in a tree near Llangollen .

Paraglider who became trapped 70ft up tree is rescued
Paraglider who became trapped 70ft up tree is rescued (Image: North East Wales Search and Rescue)
“When we arrived several other agencies were on site as well.

“One of our team members used his professional tree climbing skills to get above the casualty so a rope system could be built to lower him gently to the ground.“Fortunately he hadn’t suffered any injuries in the crash and was able to walk away to his car.”

The Welsh Ambulance Service , North Wales Police , North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and Wales Air Ambulance Service all attended the scene.

The Holyhead Coastguard team also considered whether they could use their helicopter to help, the search and rescue spokesman said.

They added: “The helicopter also had a look at winching the casualty but there was considerable danger of displacing the paraglider canopy due to the downdraft, potentially causing the casualty to fall.

“So in the end it was NEWSAR that provided the solution.””

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Missing person in Llandudno Junction

Missing person in Llandudno Junction.  Working with SARDA Wales.  Missing person was located safe and well, if very cold, by Police Officers as the search was scaling up.

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