CALLOUT: Missing person in the Wrexham area

The team was called this afternoon by North Wales Police regarding a missing person enquiry in the Wrexham area. We alerted our colleagues at SARDA Wales and were just about to deploy when the good news came in that the missing person had been found.

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CALLOUT: Water incident

North Wales Police requested our assistance with a water related incident today. The team was stood down when another agency attended and completed the task.

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CALLOUT: Report of body of dog in water

On Tuesday afternoon North Wales Police requested our assistance following multiple reports of a body of a dog in the river just downstream of the Sarn footbridge between Hope and Caergwrle.

We shared the same concern as NWP that eventually a member of the public would go into the fast flowing water to recover the body and this meant there was a future risk to life. As such we agreed it was appropriate for us to deploy our swift water rescue team members.

We arrived on scene and set up for recovery with two members in the river and down stream support.
However, when the two members got right up to the “body” it was found to be a very convincing plastic bag, complete with a tail wagging in the flow! See the picture below. We recovered the bag to stop the calls to NWP and to prevent someone else going in to find the same thing.

So a bit of practice for the SRT group and no harm done. We did all laugh…. best bit is no dead dog and no sad owner and we got some plastic out of the water course!

We’re not sure how to categorise the “victim” in the incident report. 🙂

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CALLOUT: Standby for a missing person enquiry

The team was put on standby this afternoon to assist North Wales Police with a missing person enquiry. In the end we did not need to deploy and the missing person was located by Police Officers.

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