Another news article on the call out in the Berwyns – Sunday 23rd October

Really good article in the Oswestry Chronicle from last week.

Our search manager organised all of the activity around this job, including requesting the Helicopter from the RAF and then providing directions to the crew to the expected location of the casualties.


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Sundays callout in the Berwyns

An article from the Shropshire Star.  We don’t get a mention, but we were there and our Search Manager ran the job.

Glad it all worked for the two casualties.

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Cliff rescue training 27/10/2011

Great session tonight, lots of keen people got through a couple of significant scenarios.

Firstly, how to evacuate the “stuck or incapacitated” person on steep/vertical ground.  We send a person down on two lines who then attaches the casualty to the system, unloads their system (if applicable) and then we lower both to the ground (or we could raise back up if it was easier).

Secondly a quick access system using an abseil, with backup protection from another line managed from above by another team member.  Designed to get a rescuer to a casualty quickly for first aid purposes.  Provides time to set up a full system for stretcher lowers or hoists.

As a bonus the weather stayed nice and dry and the stars shone brightly!

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Wednesday training – cliff rescue

The team will be out in the dark tonight practising cliff rescue techniques. Hope it stays dry, better learning experience.

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