Denbighshire retailer supports NEWSAR with awards dinner

North Wales army surplus retailer Denigh Army Surplus is celebrating 12 months of the DAS Resilience monthly challenge with a charity awards ceremony and dinner, to be held at the Village Hotel in Ewloe on Saturday July 28th.

Polar explorer and mountaineer Kevin Gaskell has been secured as the guest speaker for the event, and awards will be given to challenge entrants who have shown themselves to be strong, tough and resilient.

Tickets are £50.00 each, or tables of ten can be bought at £45.00 per person. Money raised from the event will go to North East Wales Search and Rescue (NEWSAR).

Rich Brady from Denbigh Army Surplus says:

“We’ve got a NEWSAR charity box on the counter and all sales of Outdoor Enthusiast magazine go straight in it, but with most of our customers being online I didn’t feel we were contributing much.
As a mountaineer myself, it’s very reassuring to know that there a volunteer groups like NEWSAR around to help ensure everyone gets home safely, but it’s not all mountain rescue… The majority of NEWSAR call outs aren’t to mountaineers or climbers, but to lost individuals that can often be confused and scared.
If this dinner can make more people aware of that and raise some money for them at the same time, then it will be well worth the effort.”

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10/12 – Callout in the Telford Area

The Team was called out by West Mercia Police at 16:46 hours yesterday (29th February 2012) to assist them with an incident in the Telford area.

Nine team members attended the incident which ended when they arrived back at base at around 01:30 hours this morning.

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Sunday Exercise 19/2/2012 – Foel Fenlli

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The exercise today was to locate a casualty “somewhere near the top of Foel Fenlli”.  Lisa (one of our team members) had “unfortunately fallen off the path” and had phoned in for assistance with some general information about her location.

The team deployed on the short walk to the summit and a quick trip around the top found Lisa in one of the ditches that ring the summit and form the defences of the historic Iron Age fort.  She had a “lower leg injury” and mysteriously went unconscious, just to test the Casualty Carer a bit more!

Equipment was brought up to deal with the stabilisation of the casualty and carry out an evacuation.  We asked for a helicopter, as an unconscious casualty is always treated as a priority case.  But of course, for the purposes of the exercise, none was available.  So it was down to us to carry Lisa off.

We were helped by the snowy conditions that allowed for the stretcher to be sledged for most of the way, before the snow ran out and we completed a normal “carry” with 8 persons around the stretcher at a time.


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9/12 – Callout in the Wrexham Area

The team was called out by North Wales Police at 13:45 on Tuesday 7th February 2012 to assist with the search for a missing person in the Wrexham area.

Two NEWSAR Search Managers worked in conjunction with North Wales Police Officers to analyse the information surrounding this case.  The NEWSAR Search Managers then identified areas appropriate for team members to search.

24 team members met in Wrexham before deploying in several parties to search rural areas, with challenging steep wooded terrain as well as some river bank locations.

NEWSAR also called on the assistance of SARDA Wales trailing dogs.

The information gained during these searches was useful to NWP in their ongoing enquires regarding this missing person.

The team was stood down at approx. midnight, with the SARDA dogs returning at 01:30.

Team members then packed up equipment and headed for home to catch a few hours sleep before many of them went off to work this morning.

NEWSAR remains available to carry out further work if appropriate search areas are identified.

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