NEWSAR thanks its Supporters

As a way of thanking members of our Supporters Group, we have arranged navigation training sessions for them.  The latest took place yesterday with North Wales outdoor activity company Original Outdoors, and from the Twitter feedback, it seems a good time was had by all:!/1986Daz/status/132843371692699648/photo/1

Supporters Daz and Shan were taken through bearings, pacing and a few navigational techniques near Ruthin by outdoor instructor Richard, who also happens to be one of our Deputy Team Leaders!

If you would like to know more about becoming a NEWSAR supporter, contact our Fundraising Officer, Chris Lakey at



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NEWSAR meets the North East Wales Mountaineering Club

Richard, one of our Deputy Team Leaders has been at Glyndwr University in Wrexham this evening, talking to the North East Wales Mountaineering Club (NEWMC) about the team and mountain safety, as well as demonstrating some of our equipment.

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Stayin’ alive – does music have a role in CPR?

As each team member has to re-qualify on Basic Life Support skills annually to stay on the callout list, this article on the BBC website is an interesting one!  There is some advice on what to do if you’re ever in a position to consider CPR too.

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44/11 – Team Callout – Request for Assistance

The Team was contacted by Cheshire SAR this morning requesting a search manager to assist with a missing person search in Ellesmere Port.  One of our new search managers, Gerald, attended.

James Woodall has been missing since Monday 31st October.  For further information, see the Cheshire Police press release ––appeals/all-appeals/2011/11/missing-james-woodall.aspx


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