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Incidents 2018

Incidents 2018

48/18 – 16/06/18

The Team was called out to Wepre Park on Deeside, to assist in the recovery of a casualty who had fallen some distance down a steep bank, sustaining injuries in the process – we wish the casualty a speedy recovery.

47/18 – 12/06/18

Shortly before midnight, the Team received a request from North Wales Police to assist in the search for an elderly missing person in the St Asaph area – the missing person was found safe and well by police officers, just as the Team was being called out

46/18 – 12/06/18

In the early hours of the morning, the Team received a request to assist North Wales Police in a search for a missing person in the Rhyl area – NEWSAR members were still committed to the Broughton search (incident 45/18 below), but fortunately the missing person was found by police.

45/18 – 10/06/18

The on-call NEWSAR First Responder was contacted by North Wales Police,  who requested assistance in the search for a missing person in the Broughton area.  The initial action was to request the attendance of a SARDA Wales search dog, and a dog handler and navigator who are also members of NEWSAR followed a trail during the night.  The whole team was called out in the early hours of the morning, and large areas of woodland were searched by NEWSAR members and search dogs, who were later joined by police officers – as night drew in the search was suspended until the next day.

The next morning the search was continued, with search dogs again being used – during the search, the body of a deceased person was found.  The thoughts and sympathy of all team members go out to family and friends of the deceased.

44/18 – 09/06/18

The Team responded to a request for assistance from the Welsh Ambulance Service in the Llangollen area, where the pilot of a paraglider had been injured.  NEWSAR members assisted the crew of a Helimed aircraft to evacuate the injured person to hospital.  Thankfully the casualty was not seriously injured, and the Team send their best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

43/18 – 04/06/18

Our neighbours at Cheshire Search and Rescue requested NEWSAR assistance in the search for a missing person on the English side of the border – Team members attended, and thankfully the missing person was found safe and well.

42/18 – 24/05/18

NEWSAR assistance was requested by the Welsh Ambulance Service to help with the evacuation of a walker with a lower leg injury from a ‘difficult to access’ area  – the casualty was conveyed to the road-head using a team stretcher to meet the WAS road ambulance.

41/18 – 24/05/18

The Team received a request from North Wales Police to assist in a search for a missing person in the Wrexham area – the missing person was found by police before the Team was deployed.

40/18 – 21/05/18

The NEWSAR first responder received a request from North Wales Police to assist in a search for a missing person in the Rhyl area – the Team, in turn, requested the assistance of search dogs and handlers from SARDA Wales.  The searchers were later stood down after the missing person was located by police officers.

39/18 – 17/05/18

The team was called out of area to Oswestry, to assist West Mercia Search and Rescue in a search for a missing person.

38/18 – 14/05/18

NEWSAR team members were called out to search for a missing person near Wrexham – the person was found safe and well.

37/18 – 07/05/18

On Monday afternoon and evening the team carried out searches for a missing person, who was located safe and well, out of our primary search area.

36/18 – 06/05/18

On Sunday night the team was called by North Wales Police following a report of a flare seen on the ridge line south of Llangollen.  Two team members drove the tracks in the area.  Nothing was found and the team stood down.

35/18 – 04/05/18

On Friday evening the team was called regarding a missing person enquiry in Saltney. The missing person was located safe and well on Saturday.

34/18 – 20/04/18

A young girl was injured in a fall in Wepre Park, Connah’s Quay and was stuck down an embankment.  There were also some other young girls who were stuck but uninjured.
North Wales Police officers were able to extract the group just as our first team members arrived.  A NEWSAR team member who is a paramedic checked over the young girl and she was then assisted to the car park and handed on to a crew from the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust.

More on this from

We’re pleased to say that we have heard that the casualties father was asked about her condition the next day and said “Just bumps and bruises and a bloody big scare.”

33/18 – 19-20/04/18

NEWSAR team members assisted Cheshire Police and Cheshire Search and Rescue over two days in the search for a woman missing from the Neston area.

NEWSAR volunteers covered a lot of ground in rural areas around Neston, during 230 hours of NEWSAR team member activity.

Unfortunately a body was found on the 21st someway out of the main search area.

Cheshire Police made the following statement.

Date published: 21st April 2018 2.32pm

Officers searching for a missing pensioner in the Wirral have discovered a body.

The body was found shortly before 10.45am today, Saturday 21 April 2018, near to Sealand Army Rifle range not far from Shotwick lake.

Formal identification has not yet taken place, although the body is believed to be that of Jean Lloyd, aged 77, who was last seen on Tuesday 17 April.

Jean’s family have been informed of the discovery and they are currently being supported by specialist officers.

Inspector Dan Greenhalgh, Cheshire Police’s Critical Incident Manager, said: “At this stage we believe the body to be that of Jean and I understand the local community will be upset by this development.

“Our thoughts remain with the family and specialist support remains in place while we establish the identity of the body.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the search, including members of the public.”

At this stage the circumstances of the death are not believed to be suspicious.”

NEWSAR team members send our condolences to the family and friends of Jean Lloyd.

32/18 – 08/04/18

An 8 year old child was reported separated and missing from their party on Moel Famau.  As the team was responding the child made their own way off the hill and was identified by other members of the public.

31/18 – 05/04/18

Two young women became lost on Moel Famau and found themselves in a forested area a long way from the road when it went dark.  The team used the SARCLOC rescue mobile phone location system to identify where they were.  It was then a simple task to drive to their location in one of our Landrovers and pick them up to go back to their vehicle.

30/18 – 01/04/18

Lady with a bad ankle injury at the top of the cliffs at Loggerheads.  Treated at scene and then assisted a short distance to one of our Landrovers that had been able to drive close to the incident scene.  The casualty was taken to hospital by a member of her own party.  Get well soon.

29/18 – 31/3/18

Missing person enquiry in Wrexham.  Team members searched areas of woodland and water, before sadly locating the missing person deceased.  Team members respectfully evacuated the deceased to be handed on to an undertaker.  Condolences to family and friends from all at NEWSAR.

28/18 – 30/3/18

Male missing in Llandudno.  NEWSAR initially called and some basic work started, before being handed over to Ogwen Mountain Rescue who cover this area.

27/18 – 20/3/18

Male became stuck 70 foot up a tree following the collapse of his paraglider.  Thankfully he was unhurt.  Team member rigged a rope rescue system to lower him to the ground, where he was examined by a team paramedic as fit and well and luckily able to walk away from a potentially life threatening situation.

The Daily Post covered this incident

“A paraglider was rescued after becoming trapped 70 feet up a tree.

Emergency services were called to the woodland in Llangollen today after the man became trapped high above the ground after his paraglider crashed into the trees.


A search and rescue volunteer was able to climb the tree to help get him down.

A spokesman for North East Wales Search and Rescue (NEWSAR) said: “Team members were called by North Wales Police at 12.40pm today to rescue a paraglider pilot trapped around 70 feet high in a tree near Llangollen .

Paraglider who became trapped 70ft up tree is rescued
Paraglider who became trapped 70ft up tree is rescued (Image: North East Wales Search and Rescue)
“When we arrived several other agencies were on site as well.

“One of our team members used his professional tree climbing skills to get above the casualty so a rope system could be built to lower him gently to the ground.“Fortunately he hadn’t suffered any injuries in the crash and was able to walk away to his car.”

The Welsh Ambulance Service , North Wales Police , North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and Wales Air Ambulance Service all attended the scene.

The Holyhead Coastguard team also considered whether they could use their helicopter to help, the search and rescue spokesman said.

They added: “The helicopter also had a look at winching the casualty but there was considerable danger of displacing the paraglider canopy due to the downdraft, potentially causing the casualty to fall.

“So in the end it was NEWSAR that provided the solution.””


26/18 – 19/03/18

Further request to transport dialysis patient again in Welshpool.   More local resources were identified and the team stood down.

25/18 – 18/3/18

Missing person in Llandudno Junction.  Working with SARDA Wales.  Missing person was located safe and well, if very cold, by Police Officers as the search was scaling up.

24/18 – 14/3/18

Dog stuck in water filled old mine shaft near Penycae.  After discussion with North Wales Cave Rescue they took on the job.  Unfortunately the dog could not be traced when they attended.

23/18 – 05/03/18

Missing person from Holywell area. As the team was starting to search the area around the last known point Police Officers located the missing person safe and well some distance away.

22/18 – 05/03/18

Request to transport dialysis patient again in Welshpool.   More local resources were identified and the team stood down.

21/18 – 04/03/18

Our snow related calls continued this afternoon with a request from Dyfed Powys Police to evacuate a patient with a serious medical condition from their remote home near Welshpool. In these circumstances a helicopter would be the best choice, but with low cloud and fog neither the Coastguard or Air Ambulance could assist. So it was back to good old fashioned stretcher work, before being put in our Landrover to be taken to Welshpool for handover to the Welsh Ambulance Service. Thanks to Seven Trent Water for the work with their snowplough that got us a lot closer and to some members of the public that assisted too. We hope the casualty gets well soon.

20/18 – 03/03/18

Assistance with a missing person enquiry in Wrexham.  Was found unhurt several hours later in Wrexham town centre.  The last of five separate jobs in one 24 hour period, assisting 8 people in total.

19/18 – 03/03/18

Due to snow cover blocking roads we assisted four patients to get to hospital for dialysis in the Welshpool area.


18/18 – 03/03/18

Vehicle stuck in snow on the B5429 near Ruthin.  Team reached him and was able to extract the vehicle from the snow and the male driver was able to continue his journey.

17/18 – 03/03/18

Request to assist with the search for a missing 13 year old boy from Wrexham.  Trail completed by SARDA dog team, with no result.  Missing boy returned safe and well later in the day.

16/18 – 03/03/18

Vehicle stuck on the Denbigh moors, with lone driver.  Team assisted to safety.

15/18 – 02/03/18

Another vehicle stuck in snow on the B4391, but this time a coach with 30 persons.  Thankfully as the team was trying to track them down they managed to get to safety at a lower altitude and continue to a place of safety.

14/18 – 01/03/18

Elderly couple stuck in snow in their vehicle south east of Bala on the B4391.  Found and transported to a place of safety.

13/18 – 01/03/18

Assistance to persons stuck in snow having come off the road in their 4×4 on the A543 over the Denbigh Moors.

12/18 – 18/02/18

The team was called on Sunday afternoon by North Wales Police regarding the possibility of someone in distress near Llandegla. Following a discussion with the informant it was deemed a false call with good intent. We encourage reporting of incidents to the Police. If you see something you are concerned about, either call 999 if there is a perceived immediate risk to life or 101 for less serious incidents.

11/18 – 08/02/18

On Thursday afternoon North Wales Police called the team regarding a male in his 70’s who had sustained a lower leg injury on the top path to Moel Famau. He was reported as unable to walk. When team members arrived his walking companions had managed to get him down to the carpark. He was examined by a team doctor who advised he should attend hospital so he was taken in one of our Landrovers. Get well soon.

10/18 – 06/02/18

Our second call from North Wales Police in the early hours of Tuesday was to a missing person from Prestatyn. Given the information available it was decided that the best action was to request a trailing search dog from Search and Rescue Dog Association, Wales (SARDA, Wales). Enquires continued through to today when the missing person was located out of our search area.

09/18 – 06/02/18

The team was called in the early hours of Tuesday by North Wales Police following a missing person report near Bodelwyddan. The team responded with our Search Control van and a Landrover. The missing person was located safe and well a few hours later.

08/18 – 04/02/18

The team was called on Sunday at 1pm by Dyfed Powys Police to a report of a lady with a lower leg injury at Pystyll Rhaeadr. Unfortunately she was near the top of the waterfall. The team responded with two Landrovers.
In view of the location and the resulting expected long carry off, we requested assistance from the Coastguard helicopter from Caernarfon.
When the helicopter arrived we worked with a Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust crew and assisted with loading the casualty into the Helicopter before she was flown to hospital.
Get well soon
Thanks again to Phil from the Cafe at the falls for his assistance today.

07/18 – 30/01/18

On Tuesday night Dyfed Powys Police contacted the team regarding a missing 12 year old child in the Welshpool area.  The team responded with three vehicles and a search team.  As we were deploying the good news came in that the child had been located safe and well by Police Officers and we were stood down.

06/18 – 28/01/18

On Sunday evening North Wales Police requested our assistance with a missing person enquiry up on the moors between Minera and Worlds End. The team carried out searches in the area before the missing person was located safe and well outside of our search area.

05/18 – 21/01/18

On Sunday evening we were called by Dyfed Powys Police to assist with the rescue of a person who had suffered an arm injury when falling down a steep bank near Welshpool. Several different agencies were called and as our first team members arrived the injured person was just being assisted to the road. Get well soon.

04/18 – 18/01/18

On Thursday evening North Wales Police requested the team’s assistance to locate a missing person in the Halkyn area. We also requested assistance from the Search and Rescue Dog Association, Wales (SARDA, Wales) . Following extensive ground searches by NEWSAR team members and four dog teams the missing person was located safe and well by Search Dog Izzy and handler Ester. Congratualtions to Izzy and Ester for their first find! “Mountain Rescue – so much more than just mountains”

03/18 – 14/01/18

Assist in multi agency and multi team effort to search for a missing man on Tryfan. Sadly he was found deceased. Condolences to family and friends.

02/18 – 08/01/18

Man and woman plus three dogs benighted and unable to find the correct route down off their chosen hill in the Clwydians. Team Landrover sent to signal to them with Blue Lights to try to identify their location and full team called to base ready to search paths. Fortunately they found a farmhouse and were directed to a road where we picked them up to get them back to their vehicle.

01/18 – 07/01/18

On Sunday 7th January a lady had a slip on a steep path on the side of Foel Fenlli in the Clwydian Hills.  Unfortunately she quite badly injured her lower leg and could not move.  Her well equipped party members assisted her and called out Mountain Rescue.  Our team members attended in two Landrovers and provided medical assistance.  The nature of her injury and the location meant a helicopter lift was going to be the best option for evacuation.  The Coastguard helicopter from Caernarfon attended and the casualty was winched aboard and conveyed to hospital.  We hope she is fully recovered soon.  Thanks again to her group members who did such a great job looking after her before we arrived.

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