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Incidents 2017

Incidents 2017

83/17 – 10/12/17

NEWSAR was placed on standby for 24 hrs, following the prediction of a severe weather event in our area.  Heavy snow had been forecast, sufficiant to cause large scale disruption, and the two team Landrovers were relocated from Base to reduce the chances of being ‘snowed in’.  A previous ‘severe weather event’ in 2013 had resulted in the busiest 48 hrs that anyone in the team could remember, but this time the disruption was confined to minor roads, and we were stood down the next day.

82/17 – 9/12/17

In what was almost a repeat of the two incidents a week earlier, the Team received a second call to assist Dyfed Powys Police with a search for an elderly man missing from his home address in the Tanat Valley.  Once again, a second Responder took the call and re-directed team members who were concluding the Penley incident (81/17) to travel to the scene.  The assistance of search dogs from SARDA Wales was also requested.  As Search Control was being set up, the man returned from a day out with another family member, unaware that he had been thought to be missing.

 81/17 – 9/12/17

NEWSAR received a request to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service at a sledging accident near Penley, where a child and a man had received serious injuries.  As team members were arriving at the scene, the child was leaving in an ambulance to travel to Wrexham Maelor Hospital – NEWSAR members assisted the ambulance crew to convey the second casualty to another ambulance to also travel to Wrexham.

80/17 – 2/12/17

As the previous incident (79/17) progressed, it looked as though we would have to call out the whole Team to travel to Pistyll Rhaeadr, in case the HMCG helicopter was unable to attend.  Just as the ‘First Responder’ dealing with the Pistyll Rhaeadr incident was considering this option, a second call came in to assist an elderly man who had slipped down a steep bank in the Ewloe area.  A second Responder took control of this incident and called out the Team – the first team members on the scene were able to help family members to assist the man back to safe ground, thankfully without any injury.

 79/17 – 2/12/17

The Team received a call to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service to recover a casualty with a lower leg injury from a hillside location above Pistyll Rhaeadr.  A small NEWSAR party and two team vehicles travelled to the scene and assisted the WAS paramedic with administering pain relief and packaging the casualty.  Assistance was requested from the HM Coastguard helicopter, which attended the scene after a long detour due to deteriorating weather.  The NEWSAR party finally returned to Base eight hours after setting out.  We all wish the casualty a swift recovery.

78/17 – 10/11/17

North Wales Police requested the assistance of a trailing dog to search for a vulnerable missing person in the Buckley area.  Most SARDA Wales dogs were attending an assessment weekend and were unavailable, but assistance was given by a trailing dog and handler from a Lowland Search and Rescue team.  NEWSAR members who had been providing safety cover at a trail running event also attended the scene to act in support of the search dog, joined by members of the Fire and Rescue Service and a police helicopter.  The search dog followed a promising lead which then died out – NEWSAR members on foot checked the immediate area while one of the team Landrovers was used to check nearby roads, using the extra working lights mounted on the vehicle.  In the early hours of the morning, the search was stood down to allow further police enquiries – shortly afterwards the missing person returned home safe and well.

77/17 – 5/11/17

The Team was called to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service to evacuate an injured female from the top of Dyserth Waterfall – the casualty had been walking in the area and had slipped, sustaining an ankle injury.  Team members were deployed to the scene, to what had the potential to turn into a technical rescue using ropes and other safety equipment, but in the meantime police officers joined the ambulance crew and found an easier evacuation route.  The casualty was helped to safe ground by ambulance and police personnel assisted by one NEWSAR member who arrived in time to assist –  the remainder of the Team were stood down.

76/17 – 4/11/17

North Wales Police requested NEWSAR assistance to search for a missing person in the Bodelwyddan area.  Three dogs from SARDA Wales, including NEWSAR members Ester with ‘Izzy 1’ and Tim with ‘Izzy 2’, started search operations near to Bodelwyddan, assisted by other NEWSAR members as navigators.  Tim and ‘Izzy 2’ picked up a good trail which led to a busy road – as light was failing, the search was stood down for safety reasons.  The next day, NWP closed the road to traffic to allow the search to continue.  Tim and ‘Izzy’ soon picked up the trail again, which indicated a direction of travel west along the coast – police officers checking ahead located the missing person, safe and well

75/17 – 31/10/17

The Team was contacted by North Wales Police late on the 31st October, to assist in the search for a vulnerable missing person in the Prestatyn area.  The initial response by NEWSAR was to request the assistance of a trailing dog from SARDA Wales – SARDA members Tim and Ester, who are also NEWSAR members, were deployed and the remainder of the Team placed on Standby.  Tim and ‘Izzy’ soon picked up a good trail, and indicated a likely target area – the missing person was found there by members of the Fire and Rescue Service who were also involved in the search, and was subsequently taken to hospital.

October Sheep rescues – We don’t count sheep rescues as ‘callout incidents’ as they are outside our operational remit.  However, we do carry out this kind of operation occasionally as a humanitarian gesture and as a way of saying thanks to the many farmers in our area who are often willing to drop whatever they are doing to help the team by taking heavy gear up the hill on a quadbike, or similar.  In October, we carried out two successful sheep rescue operations, bringing a total of three sheep off hazardous ground.  A good result for the farmer, and also good for us as it is a useful training opportunity.

74/17 – 25/10/17

NEWSAR received a request from the Welsh Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a casualty from Dinas Bran near Llangollen – a male walker had slipped and sustained a significant injury to his ankle.  The Team deployed to the scene and recovered the casualty using a specialised rescue stretcher – as the descent route was steep, a single rope backup system was used to safeguard the casualty and team members.  We all wish the casualty a speedy recovery.

73/17 – 20/10/17

The Team received a request for assistance to search for a vulnerable missing person in the Rhyl area.  NEWSAR requested further assistance from SARDA Wales, and dog-handler Tim (who is also a NEWSAR member) was deployed with trailing dog ‘Izzy’.  In addition, NEWSAR deployed team members to expand the search area.  At about 5am the next morning, the Team was stood down.  The next search activity was due to start at 9am, with handler Damian (a Cheshire SAR member) and trailing dog ‘Skye’, supported by NEWSAR members – all searchers were stood down when North Wales Police received information that the missing person had been found outside the search area.

72/17 – 15/10/17

On Monday afternoon the team was requested by the Welsh Ambulance Service to precisely locate and then extract a young male with a facial injury who was somewhere on a path on Moel Famau.  The male was treated by a paramedic and then it was possible to walk him and his companions off the hill to a waiting Ambulance.

71/17 – 14/10/17

The team was called on Sunday evening to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service to extract a woman who was injured near to the River Dee close to Llangollen.  The team responded quickly, but whilst team members and vehicles where on the way we were informed that crews from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service had also responded and had extracted the casualty to a waiting ambulance.

70/17 – 11/10/17

Our run of almost daily jobs continues. Called this evening by North Wales Police following a report of 3 males stuck on a disused quarry face near Dyserth.
Due to the heavily fractured rock above their location, the safest way to extract them was to be winched from the site. One team member was able to reach them and secure the group until the helicopter arrived. They were then winched out, together with our team member.
Great flying as always by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency helicopter from Caernarfon.
The three stuck males were met by NWP Officers as they were dropped off by the helicopter.
QUARRIES, WHETHER DISUSED OR IN USE, ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. The rock is heavily fractured from the blasting and can fall at any time. Our advice is not to enter quarries that are fenced off and clearly signed as private land.
NEWSAR had recently completed pre-planning work with the quarry owner which was very useful in responding to this incident.
This advice does not of course apply to recognised climbing quarries in our area.

69/17 – 10/10/17

On Tuesday night one of our search managers assisted North Wales Police with the search for a missing person in Rhyl. A dog team from the Search and Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA Wales) was deployed and worked with teams from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The missing person was located safe and well in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

68/17 – 9/10/17

Our rather busy spell continues, with a request this afternoon to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service to deal with a mountain biker with potentially serious injures on one of the routes in Llandegla Forest.
North Wales Police officers also assisted.
The casualty was located using SARLOC and an advanced party of two NEWSAR team members went to the scene accompanied by a Paramedic and a Police Officer. After assessment by the Paramedic pain relief was given and the casualty was put into our vacuum mattress and stretcher, before other team members arrived and carried him down to a waiting ambulance.
We hope the casualty has a speedy recovery.
Thanks also to the other riders who were with him who helped us with location confirmation.

67/17 – 8/10/17

On Sunday evening North Wales Police requested our assistance to recover a party of six people who had become stuck in two off road vehicles on the edge of the Berwyn mountains. One had a medical condition which needed attention. We sent a small group in two Landrovers to get as close as practical to their location and assessed their medical needs, then walked them to our vehicles, before taking them to a place of safety in the valley below, to meet with people who would convey them home.

66/17 – 7/10/17

The team was called last night by Heddlu Dyfed Powys Police to assist a group of young people on an expedition south of Bala. One member of the group had an ankle injury and couldn’t walk and another one had a knee injury. The group had erected a tent to keep out of the weather. The location was found to be just inside Aberdyfi Search & Rescue Teams area so they were also called. A search was required, in very thick hill fog, to precisely locate the group, before both casualties could be assessed. One was able to walk off with assistance, along with the rest of the group, but the other injured person needed a difficult stretcher carry across very deep heather and bog. In all over twenty members from both Mountain Rescue teams were required to complete the task. The teams stood down at 03:30 and started the drive home. Great teamwork between NEWSAR and Aberdyfi!
We hope both the injured people recover shortly.
Picture shows the mass group walking off through the heather with the stretcher party leading the way.

65/17 – 6/10/17

In the early hours of Friday morning the team was contacted by North Wales Police to assist with the search for male reported unwell in woodland, but with no detailed location.

A Search and Rescue Dogs Association (Sarda Wales) dog team examined several likely locations and was able to provide a strong indication of the location of the missing male at the last place searched. The handler and dog were just a short distance away when Police Officers then found the man. He was conveyed to an Ambulance for onward treatment.

64/17 – 4-6/10/17

On Wednesday afternoon the team was called by North Wales Police with regard to a man missing in the Llandegla area. Extensive searches were carried out on Wednesday and Thursday of rural areas and woodland near Llandegla, in support of Police enquiries.  The team was just about to start new searches on Friday when the good news was received that the man had been located safe and well, outside our primary search area. We are grateful for the assistance of a dog team from Search and Rescue Dogs Association (Sarda Wales).

Photo shows some of the weather encountered during the search activities.

63/17 – 2/10/17

The team was called by North Wales Police to assist an older gentleman who found himself unable to continue walking along part of Offa’s Dyke near Llangollen.  Team members responded to the scene, with two team Landrovers.  The casualty was assessed by one of the team doctors and was able to walk with assistance until the route became very steep.  At this point he was put onto our stretcher and lowered using a rope system down to the fields below the path.  From here he was sledged in the stretcher to our Landrover which had been driven up through the fields.  Our Doctor assessed that he did not need to go to hospital, so we delivered him and his walking companion back to their vehicle.

62/17 – 28/9/17

The Team was called out to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service at the scene of a Road Traffic Collision between Bala and Llangynog – the initial report had indicated that a van had plunged several hundred feet down a steep hillside following a collision with a Heavy Goods Vehicle.  NEWSAR members were still travelling when an Air Ambulance attended the incident – the driver was able to extricate himself from the van without assistance and was evacuated by helicopter to Stoke, and the Team was stood down.  We wish the driver a swift recovery.

61/17 – 25/9/17

The Welsh Ambulance Service requested NEWSAR assistance to evacuate a man with a serious lower leg injury from the mouth of a cave at Cefn yr Ogof near Llanddulas.  A NEWSAR member who is also a full-time paramedic treated the casualty, assisted by team members who hold the Casualty Care certificate.  After being splinted and given pain relief, the casualty was stretchered down to the road to meet up with a WAS road ambulance.  Respect is due to the casualty, who maintained a sense of humour despite initially being in a good deal of pain – we all wish him a speedy recovery.

60/17 – 10/9/17

The Team was asked to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service to recover a male casualty suffering from severe chest pains, from a difficult to reach location close to the Offa’s Dyke Path near Chirk.  There was a possibility that the casualty’s condition could deteriorate and become a medical emergency, and an Air-Ambulance helicopter was requested.  Unfortunately, local weather conditions prevented a helicopter extraction, but NEWSAR policy is to send team members by road to cover the eventuality of the aircraft being unable to evacuate.  NEWSAR members attended the scene and conveyed the casualty to the road ambulance.  All of us at NEWSAR wish the casualty a speedy recovery.

59/17 – 29/8/17

Our neighbouring team, Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation, requested our assistance with what was shaping up to be a long and protracted stretcher carry on the Carneddau.  The casualty was a man suffering from what was potentially a serious medical condition – a helicopter evacuation was the preferred option but low cloud ruled this out.  ‘Oggi’ team started a difficult descent towards the cloud base, and in the meantime NEWSAR members made their way from our base near Mold to ‘Oggi’ Base.  Eventually the stretcher and casualty reached a location where the HM Coastguard helicopter could complete the evacuation and NEWSAR members were stood down.  We all wish the casualty a speedy recovery.

58/17 – 7/8/17

NEWSAR was requested to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service to extract an injured teenager from a difficult to access location near Wrexham.  The young male had sustained a leg injury, and initial reports suggested that he was partly in a river.  Team members attended the scene and assisted the ambulance crew.  Water-recovery equipment was deployed to the scene as a precautionary measure, but was not required.  We all wish the young man a speedy recovery.

57/17 – 6/8/17

Dyfed Powys Police requested Team assistance to rescue a dog from the shaft of a disused mine near Llyn Vyrnwy.  NEWSAR worked with Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue, North Wales Cave Rescue and South Wales Cave Rescue to bring sheepdog ‘Jim’ back to the surface – back on safe ground ‘Jim’ was checked over by one of our paramedics before being reunited with his owner, thankfully none the worse for his adventure.

56/17 – 3/8/17

The Team was asked to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service to extract an elderly man from agricultural land near Wrexham, following a suspected hip injury.  NEWSAR members were called out and were travelling to the scene but in the meantime several members of the public assisted the paramedics to carry the man to the ambulance – the Team was stood down.

55/17 – 29/7/17

NEWSAR assistance was requested by Dyfed-Powys Police, following a report that a man had fallen 60 ft (18 metres) down a steep hillside near Moel Sych in the Berwyns.  One of the NEWSAR Landrovers and a small contingent of team members deployed immediately from a community event that the Team was supporting, and headed out to Pistyll Rhaeadr, followed by additional members in personal vehicles.  Due to the possibility of serious injuries, the HM Coastguard helicopter from St Athan was requested, and an Air Ambulance helicopter at Oswestry also deployed to assist.  Both helicopters arrived at the accident location before NEWSAR members, and the casualty was evacuated from the scene in the Coastguard aircraft, along with the doctor from the Air Ambulance.

NEWSAR members then deployed to the accident location to check on the welfare of the injured man’s companion, who had been witnessed descending the steep slope to assist the fallen walker.  The companion was eventually traced and the Team stood down.  Fortunately, the fallen walker did not sustain serious injuries, and the Team wish him a speedy recovery.

54/17 – 19/7/17

As the vehicle from the previous incident (53/17) was being parked up at NEWSAR Base, a report was received that a man was in a precarious location at Pontcysyllte Aqueduct near Llangollen – North Wales Police requested assistance in what had the potential to develop into a technical rope rescue.  A full team callout was put in motion, and team members were still travelling to the scene when the police reported back that the matter was resolved – the Team was stood down.

53/17 – 19/7/17

NEWSAR assistance was requested by North Wales Police to locate a missing male person in rough, open countryside in the Denbigh Moor area – there was particular concern as the man had inadequate clothing and had been caught out by one of the wildest rain storms of the summer.  A limited callout with one vehicle and five team members was initiated, but police officers managed to locate the man before the NEWSAR crew arrived at scene.

52/17 – 14/7/17

Another busy day (Part 4) – The search operation at Llangollen (51/17) was still underway when yet another request for assistance was received was received from North Wales Police to assist with a search for a vulnerable female missing from home in the Deeside area.  A NEWSAR Search Manager commenced planning and risk assessment, but happily the woman was found safe and well before the Team was re-deployed from Llangollen.

51/17 – 14/7/17

Another busy day (Part 3) -The Team were still travelling to the incident at Horseshoe Pass (50/17) when another call was received, this time from North Wales Police.  NEWSAR members were asked to assist with a search for two 12-year-old boys who were missing in the Llangollen area.  Soon after search operations were started the two boys were found safe and well by police officers.

50/17 – 14/7/17

Another busy day (Part 2) – NEWSAR assistance was requested to assist the Ambulance Service at a road traffic accident, where a car had left the road at the Old Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen.  The vehicle and driver were in a location that was difficult to access, but emergency services at the scene managed to extract the casualty just as NEWSAR members arrived at the scene – one of the Team doctors accompanied the casualty in the ambulance to A&E.

49/17 – 14/7/17

Another busy day (Part 1) – North Wales Police contacted NEWSAR following a report of a vulnerable male who was missing from home.  A team Search Manager requested further assistance from a SARDA Wales trailing dog, and a dog and handler from our neighbours at Cheshire Search And Rescue attended the scene.   Damian and ‘Skye’, supported by two NEWSAR members, followed a positive trail and had a ‘find’ – the missing person was subsequently conveyed to hospital.

48/17 – 8/7/17

North Wales Police requested assistance from NEWSAR after receiving a report that a party appeared to be in difficulty on the crag of Creigiau Eglwyseg near Llangollen – the original informant had said that the members of the party were waving and appeared to be stuck on difficult ground.  The first stage of a callout was initiated, with drivers being placed on standby – soon afterwards additional information was received that the party were moving and appeared to be safe.  The incident was classed as a ‘false alarm with good intent’.

47/17 – 1/7/17

A tough day for our neighbours, Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation.  They had already dealt with two earlier callouts when they received two more calls between 5.30pm and 6pm.  The first call was to a man with an ankle injury at the top of Craig yr Ysfa in the Carneddau – as it appeared that there could be a long stretcher carry, ‘Oggi’ Team called NEWSAR with a request for assistance.  The first NEWSAR members on the scene had already had a full hill-day, providing safety cover on a fell race over Snowdon and the Glyderau, but they went straight up to assist with the stretcher carry – other NEWSAR members arriving soon afterwards were split between the stretcher carry and the second incident, which was a search on the Carneddau for two males who had become disorientated.

Whilst these two incidents were still ongoing, news of a THIRD incident came in (Oggi’s fifth incident of the day!) – a man had phoned to report that his 73-year-old mother had become exhausted on Glyder Fawr, and both of them were becoming very cold.  More MR ‘Troops’, including Oggi and NEWSAR members and members of Aberglaslyn MRT and RAF Lossiemouth MRT, went to assist and it soon became apparent that ‘mother’ could not walk down.  In the meantime, the casualty from the original stretcher carry had been evacuated from the mountain to Oggi Base, and the missing males turned up in Dolgarrog.  Members of Oggi and NEWSAR Teams who had already assisted in the previous incidents went back up on to the Glyderau to assist with the evacuation of the mother and son – the HM Coastguard helicopter from Caernarfon could not lift the casualty due to adverse weather conditions, so another long and arduous stretcher carry followed, with MR members reaching the road just before 5am the next day.

A challenging day, especially for Oggi team who put in a magnificent effort on five incidents over 15 hours.

46/17 – 27/6/17

North Wales Police contacted the Team asking for a Trailing dog to search for a young person who was missing from home.  NEWSAR contacted SARDA Wales requesting a search dog, and SARDA in turn tasked two of their members, who are also NEWSAR team members, to attend the search area.  The search preparation was well underway when the young person was found, safe and well.

45/17 – 20/6/17

Dyfed Powys Police requested our assistance with a report of a casualty with a lower leg injury somewhere near the top of the Pystyll Rhaeadr waterfall.  This area has very limited mobile phone coverage and another member of the party had been forced to walk all the way down to reach a farmhouse to raise the alarm.  Due to the remote location and the unknown nature of the casualties condition we requested the assistance from the Coastguard Helicopter Rescue service.  Rescue 936 was tasked and was able to land close by to the site and evacuate the casualty to hospital.  Our team members who were on the way by land were then stood down.  We’d also like to thank the local farmer who gave assistance providing information and assisting the casualty party.

44/17 – 18/6/17

On one of the hottest afternoons of the year so far, NEWSAR members were about to light barbecues, open cans and uncork bottles when a request was received for assistance in searching for a missing person in the Wrexham area.  The Team was placed on standby while further information was gathered.  In a short time it was confirmed that the missing person had been sighted by police out of our area, the team was stood down and team members went back to enjoying their sunny Sunday.

43/17 – 16/6/17

For the second time in two days, NEWSAR was asked to attend the summit of Moel Famau, where a man had been taken ill.  Two team Landrovers set off for the scene, and as the situation was considered potentially serious a ‘Helimed’ air ambulance was also tasked to attend.  Fortunately the casualty recovered sufficiently to need little medical intervention, and after being checked over by health-care professionals he was declared well enough to be driven down to the car park in one of the team vehicles – we wish the casualty well and hope that he is soon back out on the hills.

42/17 – 16/6/17

The Team First Responders received a report of a male person missing from home in the Wrexham area, and considered to be at risk.  As options were being considered, the man was found safe and well by members of North Wales Police.

41/17 – 14/6/17

The Team was called out following a report of a male walker just north of the summit of Moel Famau who was suffering from chest pains.  Two team Landrovers reached the summit, and the occupants walked the remaining distance to the casualty.  After some ‘on the spot’ medical treatment the casualty was feeling much better, but rather than risk a relapse by walking back over the summit it was decided to send one of the Landrovers round to the location by a different route.  The casualty was then driven down to the road to meet with an ambulance from the Welsh Ambulance Service – we wish the casualty a swift recovery, and hope he will soon be back walking the local hills.

40/17 – 11/6/17

A busy day (Part 3) – Whilst the previous two incidents (38/17 and 39/17)  were still on the go, the First Responder received yet another call for assistance, this time from North Wales Police, and another of our responders stepped in to  assist with the initial actions.  A member of the public had phoned the police to express concern for a person in a tent on a hillside near Llangollen – the person had appeared to the informant to be unwell.  Unfortunately, details were sketchy and the stand-in responder attempted to get more information from the original caller.  Several attempts to make contact failed, and the incident was passed back to the Police to investigate further.

39/17 – 11/6/17

A busy day (Part 2) – Whilst still dealing with the previous incident (38/17), the First Responder received a call for assistance from the Police.  Dyfed Powys Police had received a call from a woman walking alone in the Berwyn Mountains, after she became disorientated in an area that is not easy to navigate in at the best of times.  The First Responder managed to make telephone contact with the lost walker, and using Smartphone technology he was able to get an accurate location for her – the intention was then to give directions to the walker to help her walk to safety, but phone contact was intermittent so the Team was called out as a precautionary measure.  As NEWSAR members were arriving at the RV (assembly point) for the search, the walker phoned the First Responder to say that she had managed to get down to a farmhouse and was safe and well – we hope the experience will not put her off future trips into the mountains.  One of our team members travelling to this search came across a serious road traffic accident near Llangollen – he diverted from the search incident to assist emergency services at the scene.

38/17 – 11/6/17

A busy day (Part 1) – One of our First Responders had a busy afternoon!  (First Responders are team members who take the initial request for assistance from the Police, Ambulance Service, other Rescue Teams, etc)  The first call was to assist with a search for a vulnerable missing person in the Rhyl area.  Two SARDA Wales search dog handlers who are also NEWSAR members, were nearby and heading for home after a dog training session – they were tasked to assist with this search, and were joined by another SARDA handler who is a member of our neighbouring lowland team, Cheshire SAR..  They were later stood down when new information suggested that the missing person was no longer in our area.

37/17 – 4/6/17

The Team was requested to assist Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation with a search of the Southern Carneddau for a walker reported as being overdue – the walker had planned to bivouac in the mountains, but had failed to make a pre-arranged phone call during the night, most probably due to lack of a good phone signal at his bivouac site.  NEWSAR members and our SARDA dog handlers, were travelling to Ogwen Valley when the missing person made telephone contact – he was fit and well, and the original report was classed as a false alarm with good intent.

36/17 – 29/5/17

NEWSAR members attended a location near Llangollen to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service with the evacuation of a mountain biker with a lower leg injury.  The ground was not technically difficult but was steep and slippery in places.  A team stretcher, backed up in places with a safety rope, was used to move the casualty down the hillside to the road ambulance – we wish the casualty a speedy recovery.

35/17 – 25/5/17

Following on immediately from the previous incident (34/17), NEWSAR was requested to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service near to the summit of Moel Famau, where a man had been taken seriously ill.  Team members travelled to the scene, picking up the crew of a road ambulance on the track to the summit, and an air ambulance also attended the scene.  Sadly, in spite of the efforts of team members and paramedics, the man was declared dead at the scene, and team members recovered the body of the deceased to a safe location by the road..  The thoughts and sympathy of all team members go out to friends and family of the deceased.

34/17 – 25/5/17

The Team was asked to assist North Wales Police in a search for a missing person in the Wrexham area.  Assistance was also requested from SARDA Wales, and two search dogs were being tasked when Police officers located the missing person – dogs and handlers and other team members were stood down.

33/17 – 21/5/17

A request was received from North Wales Police to assist with a search for a high-risk missing person in the Bodelwyddan area. Based on the information received a request was made to SARDA Wales and a trailing dog was deployed.  Just as they were in the process of following a workable trail, the missing person returned home.

32/17 – 18/5/17

The Team was requested to assist with a search for a high-risk missing person in the Prestatyn area.  Unlike the two previous incidents, NEWSAR attended the scene after requesting further assistance from Cheshire Search And Rescue and SARDA Wales.  Search parties, including two dog teams, were deployed, and several promising leads were followed without reaching a successful conclusion.  As the teams were about to stand-down following an operation that ran from the afternoon into the night, the missing person was found nearby by a member of the public.  NEWSAR members attended and stabilised the casualty until the Welsh Ambulance Service arrived on scene.

31/17 – 17/5/17

In an incident that was similar to the previous one (30/17), a request was received from the police regarding a high-risk missing person in the Colwyn Bay area.  Again, the missing person was found before team members were deployed.

30/17 – 13/5/17

A NEWSAR search manager was contacted by police with a request to assist in a search for a high-risk missing person near Wrexham.  As the search manager was taking the call and considering options, a second report was received that the person had been found and the incident was closed.

29/17 – 1/5/17

The Team was at a fund-raising event at Loggerheads Country Park when a report was received of a man with an arm injury at Eglwyseg Mountain, in a location that was steep and difficult to access.  A small number of team members manning the display stand left for the scene as an advance party, leaving a skeleton crew behind.  When on site, members of the advance party were able to assist the casualty to the road after administering pain relief, and a full team callout was not required.  We all wish the casualty a swift recovery.

28/17 – 23/4/17

The Team was back at Base following a day-long exercise in two phases, involving a lift by helicopter from HM Coastguard followed by a search of Foel Fenlli.  As gear was being sorted out, we received a request from the Welsh Ambulance Service to assist at Ty Mawr Country Park with the evacuation of a man with a serious medical condition – paramedics and an air ambulance were already at the scene, but it was anticipated that there might be problems due to difficult terrain.  Sadly the man did not survive, and team members assisted North Wales Police by recovering his body to a safe location.  The man was a well-liked person, local to the area, and the thoughts of the Team go out to his family and many friends.

27/17 – 22/4/17

NEWSAR was contacted by North Wales Police, to assist with a lone female walker on Moel Famau who had fallen and twisted her ankle.  When contacted by phone, the walker appeared to be in some distress, but some kind words and reassurance from one of our search managers helped the situation.  The same Smartphone technology used in the previous incident (26/17) gave an accurate location, and a small party of team members was sent by Landrover to collect the casualty.  After some TLC, strapping and mild pain relief, she was delivered back to the road head.

26/17 – 18/4/17

A pleasant late-night trip to Moel Famau became problematic for a group of walkers when a dog with the party ran off.  One of the party members managed to locate the dog, but then became disorientated himself and couldn’t find the group or the path they were on.  A NEWSAR search manager managed to fix the missing man’s location using Smartphone technology, and a small number of team members attended the scene with a Landrover to assist ‘One Man and His Dog’ off the hill.  Yet another happy ending.

25/17 – 17/4/17

As with the previous incident (24/17), members of NEWSAR and SARDA Wales (Search And Rescue Dogs Association) were placed on standby, after concern was expressed for the welfare of a missing person in the Wrexham area – once again there was a happy outcome, with the person being found safe and well as search dogs and handlers were driving to the scene.

24/17 – 15/4/17

Members of NEWSAR and SARDA Wales (Search And Rescue Dogs Association) were placed on standby to search for a missing person in the Llangollen area.  Happily, the person was found safe and well before team members were deployed, and the Team was stood down.

23/17 – 9/4/17

NEWSAR team members were placed on standby to assist Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation with a long and difficult stretcher carry on Tryfan, due to the possibility of adverse flying conditions making a helicopter rescue difficult – in the event, the HM Coastguard helicopter from Caernarfon was unable to assist, but members of RAF Valley Mountain Rescue Team were training in the area, and able to provide immediate assistance, and NEWSAR members were stood down.

22/17 – 7/4/17

Several search teams including NEWSAR were called out to search for a missing child in South Shropshire – happily, the child was found safe and well just as the Team was preparing to deploy.

21/17 – 1/4/17

Team members were requested to assist a party of three adults and one small child who had become stranded at the bottom of a high, steep bank at Wepre Park on Deeside.  The bank was too steep for the party to climb safely, and the only other option was crossing a stream that was both fast flowing and above its normal level.   The stranded party wisely sought assistance from Park Rangers, who in turn requested NEWSAR help.

The Team deployed three Swiftwater Rescue Technicians who took the group across the stream using the team’s inflatable safety boat.  Other team members supported the SRT group with vehicles and communications equipment, and the stranded group were soon back on safe ground, none the worse for their experience.

20/17 – 31/3/17

Incident 19/17 continued into Friday, following a general ‘stand down’ on Thursday night.  A large NEWSAR contingent joined colleagues from South Snowdonia SRT, Aberdyfi SRT and Ogwen Valley MRO, with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service from RAF Valley taking the lead.  All the land teams were deployed on the hill, with the RAF team at the crash site and the four civilian teams lower down the mountain to assist with what was likely to be a long and arduous mission, which could well have taken more than one day to complete.

The task was made much simpler when a brief window of favourable weather allowed the HM Coastguard S-92 helicopter to land close to the accident location to evacuate the deceased.   Police and Air Accident Investigation Branch personnel continued to work on site for some time afterwards.

19/17 – 30/3/17

On Wednesday night into Thursday morning a multi-agency, multi-team group was assembled to search for a helicopter overdue on a flight from the Luton area to Dublin.  NEWSAR sent a party of five members to join the search during the second operational period on Thursday morning and had another larger group ready to deploy for the third operational period on Thursday.

These team members joined others from South Snowdonia SRT, Aberdyfi SRT, Aberglaslyn MRT, Llanberis MRT and Ogwen Valley MRO, together with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service.  Sadly on Thursday morning one of the volunteer parties found the site where the helicopter was located.  All five occupants were deceased.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of those that have died.

18/17 – 27/3/17

North Wales Police contacted the team on Monday evening with regard to a missing person enquiry.  As our first responder was speaking to the control room the missing person was located safe and well by police officers.

17/17 – 26/3/17

The team was called by North Wales Police following reports of an injured young male high on the side of Foel Fenlli.  Foel Fenlli is the hill opposite Moel Famau at Bwlch Penbarras.

The team team responded with two Landrovers and 15 team members.

The casualty was treated at the scene, then stretchered/sledged down to meet a Welsh Ambulance Service crew.

Get well soon!

16/17 – 25/3/17

At lunch time on Saturday 25th March 2017 North Wales Police requested our assistance to locate a child that had been reported missing from the Wrexham area.  We were assisted by a dog team from Search and Rescue Dogs (Wales).  The child was located safe and well by a helicopter from the National Police Air Service (NPAS).  Great team work as always.

15/17 – 21/3/17

On Tuesday morning the team was requested to assist with the search for a young girl missing from home in the Colwyn Bay area.  Working closely with North Wales Police and three dog teams from Search and Rescue Dogs Wales search activities were carried out for a several hours before the missing girl was found safe in Colwyn Bay.

14/17 – 10/3/17

Following reports of a person missing in the Wrexham area on Friday night, our first responder provided search advice to North Wales Police. Missing person located safe and well later on without further team involvement.

13/17 – 9/3/17

North Wales Police called the team at lunch time on Thursday to a male walker with a lower leg injury near the Horseshoe Pass. Fortunately he was on a track which made evacuation relatively easy. Our shiny new Landrover had its first outing on a job. The casualty went off to hospital with their walking companions, we wish him a speedy recovery. Thanks also to another pair of walkers who stopped to assist.


12/17 – 24/2/17

NEWSAR search managers received an early morning call (2 o’clock in the morning!) following a report that a vulnerable elderly person was missing from home.  Options were discussed, and a request was sent to SARDA Wales for a trailing dog.  The matter was resolved in the early stages of planning when the missing person was found safe and well by police officers.

11/17 – 22/2/17

NEWSAR search managers were contacted by North Wales Police following a report that a young man was lost on Moel Famau after having become separated from another family member whilst on a run.  Contact with the lost man was attempted by mobile phone, but as the Team response was being escalated, the missing person turned up safe and well.

10/17 – 12/2/17

A busy weekend, Part 2 – The weekend peer review continued with an exercise involving a search, treatment and management of a casualty, a stretcher carry and a crag lower.  Team members were cleaning kit and about to start the exercise debrief at Base when a report came in of a young woman with a leg injury on one of the routes up Moel Famau – gear was hurriedly repacked and two team vehicles attended the scene to assist the casualty.  Fortunately her injuries were not serious, and she was transported to the roadhead by team vehicle and then subsequently to hospital – we wish the young woman a speedy recovery.

09/17 – 11/2/17

A busy weekend, Part 1 – NEWSAR was on the first day of a peer review, where the Team’s procedures and practices were being scrutinised by a panel of three members of other mountain rescue teams.  After a busy day going through the paperwork, a report was received in the early evening that two 13 year-old boys had become separated from a party in Llandegla Forest.  The Team was called out and deployed just as news came in that the boys had extricated themselves and were safe and well.  The Team stood down to resume the review for some, or to head home for the rest.

08/17 – 30/1/17

The Team was asked to assist a lone female walker who had become disorientated in mist on Denbigh Moor.  In a limited callout, two of our members set off in a team Landrover with the intention of using the two-tone horns and blue lights as a beacon for the lost person to aim for.  Before they arrived on scene, the woman managed to relocate herself and ‘self-rescued’ – the Team was subsequently stood down.

07/17 – 25/1/17

NEWSAR members were called out to an accident at Loggerheads Country Park, where a man had fallen about 80 ft (25 metres) down a cliff.  Although the casualty needed hospital treatment he escaped serious injury, and a Team spokesman described him as ‘a very lucky man’.  In a multi-agency incident, Team members worked with members of the Welsh Ambulance Service and North Wales Police.

06/17 – 15/1/17

Team members were heading for home after a few soggy hours on a ‘hill day’ for a group of potential recruits when NEWSAR received a call from Dyfed Powys police requesting assistance at a medical emergency incident.  An air ambulance was also requested to attend and reached the scene as the Team was preparing for a blue-light run.  The drivers nominated to attend were stood down.

05/17 – 10/1/17

Two women on a nice day out on Moel Famau became disorientated in hill mist while descending.  The made a good decision to call for help just before dark and when they still had mobile phone signal.  Using mobile phone tracking software we were able to pin point their position and two team members were able to extract them by Landrover.  They were very pleased to see us as it was by then completely dark.

Moel Famau lost persons

04/17 – 9/1/17

At 4pm we were requested to assist with a large scale search for a high risk missing person in the Leeswood area.  20+ team members and 2 SARDA Wales dog teams were deployed for several hours.  The missing person was located outside our search area at 9:30pm

03/17 – 8/1/17

Late on Sunday night the team was contacted with regard to a high risk missing person in the Holywell area.  Team members and a SARDA Wales dog team were deployed.  Shortly after arrival, the missing person was located out of our search areas and the NEWSAR/SARDA group stood down at 2:30am on Monday.

02/17 – 1/1/17

In the afternoon of New Years Day the team was contacted by North Wales Police and the Welsh Ambulance Service with regard to a lady with a lower leg/ankle injury.  The team sent a small group to the location to assist. In the meantime a group of passersby had attempted to assist the casualty down.  When we arrived we provided pain relief and splinting before completing the extraction to the road.  The casualty was then taken to hospital by her friends.  We received the following update via Twitter a couple of days later:

“This was my sister. She’s now had surgery, pins/plates inserted, and asked me to pass on her huge thanks to you for yesterday!”

We wish the casualty a speedy and complete recovery.

01/17 – 1/1/17

At 2:15AM North Wales Police contacted NEWSAR following a report of a distress flare or light above the Clwydian hills. Given the New Year celebrations and the area being well served by mobile phone coverage this was deemed a false call with good intent.


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