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What is NEWSAR ?

NEWSAR stands for North East Wales Search and Rescue.

NEWSAR is a team of volunteers that provide the Police, Ambulance Service and local communities with a highly competent search and rescue capability that can be deployed swiftly, safely and effectively 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

NEWSAR provides an emergency service primarily in the counties of Flintshire, Denbighshire, Wrexham and parts of Conwy and Powys.  NEWSAR also assists in parts of the Wirral, Cheshire and Shropshire.  In exceptional circumstances, team members may be asked to assist with search operations at a national level such as Machynlleth in 2012 and Cumbria in 2015.

Rescuing people from hills and mountains is just a small part of what NEWSAR does.  We undertake search operations for missing persons, typically vulnerable individuals in urban areas, or help the ambulance service in severe winter weather conditions.  We undertake search and rescue activities in rivers and lakes or during flood conditions using specialist skills and equipment.  Team members give their personal time and may need to request permission from employers to conduct these operations.  Team members do not receive any payment for providing them.

NEWSAR is a Registered Charity (England and Wales Number 512956) and affiliated to the North Wales Mountain Rescue Association and Mountain Rescue, England and Wales.

NEWSAR is almost entirely self-funding through charitable donations, such as street collections, sponsored events and legacies together with donations and grants from businesses and trusts.

For a comprehensive description of NEWSAR please visit About the Team.

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What is the NEWSAR Supporters Group ?

The NEWSAR Supporters Group (NSG) is an informal group of people who come from all walks of life and are willing to support the team.  Our Supporters Group help by lending support to operational team members on a wide range of activities such as fundraising, providing practical and sometimes specialist help.

NEWSAR is funded almost entirely through charitable donations such as street collections, sponsored events and legacies, together with donations and grants from businesses and trusts.  Since 2011, the UK government has provided a small annual grant, about 10% of the operational budget to help with the purchase of equipment.

Team members spend many hours of their time training and participating in the deployment of search and rescue activities.  They prepare, clean and manage equipment including specialist gear for cliff and water rescues, etc.   In addition to the practical operational needs, the burden of fundraising falls almost entirely on the shoulders of team members.

Operational team members need the help of the Supporters Group.

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What Do NEWSAR Supporters Group Members Do ?

We recognise that some may wish to be non-active supporters and are happy ‘just’ to contribute their donation.  NEWSAR will provide a warm welcome to these supporters and say a big thank you !

However, other supporters may wish to undertake non-operational activities such as:


 Supporters Photo
  •  Arranging and managing fundraising initiatives for NEWSAR, e.g. BBQs, fetes, parties, etc. The Supporters Group has the   opportunity to take the initiative and raise money for NEWSAR
  • Attending alongside the operational team at NEWSAR fundraising events, i.e. street collections, supermarkets, exhibition stands, etc.
  • Promoting the distribution of our charity collection boxes in shops and public places in and around the community


Practical Help

  • Housekeeping of the team’s base near Loggerheads
  • Helping with catering for events such as the annual casualty care weekend, hosted by NEWSAR at base
  • Assisting with vehicle and equipment demonstrations, lectures and presentations

In addition NEWSAR Supporters Group members may also be interested in:

  • Acting as exercise casualties for our training sessions at the base or even on the hill !
  • Supporting the Team with specialist or technical advice, such as business analysis, charity management, administrative skills, communication skills, web management, etc.

Time commitment is whatever you can offer. We are confident there will always be something you can help with.

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Who Can Join the NEWSAR Supporters Group ?

Individuals over the age of 16 will be welcomed as a member of the NEWSAR Supporters Group. We also welcome family groups to join us including at least one adult. An essential requirement for membership of NEWSAR Supporters Group is that you have a good sense of humour !  Supporters Card

Membership Privileges and Donations

 Supporters Cap Hat
    • £24 donation for individual membership for the first year, then £5 per annum thereafter.
    • £40 donation for family membership for the first year, then £5 per person per annum thereafter.
    In return for your help and support you will receive:
  • The gratitude of the NEWSAR Team and the knowledge that you are making a real difference and assisting those in need within our community
  • A NEWSAR Supporters Group polo or T shirt; family membership x 2 (first year only)
  • A NEWSAR Supporters Group  woollen hat or cap; family membership x 2 (first year only)
  • Invitation to the annual NEWSAR / NEWSAR Supporters Group dinner
  • Access to hill and mountaineering expertise
  • NEWSAR Supporters also enjoy a selection of discounts from local businesses via the NEWSAR Supporters Group membership card
 Supporters T-Shirt  Supporters Polo Shirt

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Interested in Joining Us ?

If you are interested in joining the Supporters Group and contributing to the valuable work of NEWSAR then either:


Contact Us

If you have any questions and would like to talk to a member of NEWSAR about what we do or how you might like to help, then please complete the contact form below.


Contact the Supporters Coordinator

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If being a member of the NEWSAR Supporters Group is not for you, then alternatively you may like to make a donation.  If so, please click here.

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