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A Team member

A Team Member

How many members does NEWSAR have?

We currently have 42 Operational Members and 2 Trainee Members. (Oct 19)

What do Team Members do outside of Mountain Rescue?

Team Members come from all walks of life.  We currently have a furniture maker, graphic designer, police officer, paramedic, engineer as well as some outdoor instructors in the Team. We even have a taxman!

Team Members commitment?

NEWSAR trains every Wednesday evening and occasional Sunday.  Other specialist training occurs as and when needed.

Fundraising is critical for NEWSAR and team members also attend fundraising events, ranging from bucket collections to providing first aid cover on events.

Callouts occur at any time of the day or night and can go on for many hours, or even days in some cases.  Team members willingly give up their time to serve our community.

Interested in joining ?

See the our recruitment page.

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