Volunteer profile – Josh O’Brien

Editors note: This picture sums up Josh, it is the middle of the night at the end of a long search and he’s still smiling!


Name: Josh O’Brien

How long have you been in the team?

Four years

What you do outside NEWSAR (work and other hobbies)? Has this been transferred into NEWSAR?

I work as a technical rescue instructor delivering safety and rescue training to emergency response teams. Hobbies include fell running, climbing, kayaking and skiing.
Given my skill set I help with the training in the team and can lead technical rescues in water and on cliffs.

What have you learned while being a member?

“Hurry up & Wait”. Probably still learning this one.
Plenty of casualty care!
Every team member has some knowledge to impart.

Worst and best aspects of being in the team.

Best aspects:
I learn something new almost every time I attend training or a callout.
Being able to provide a response to the community.
The humour.
Worst aspects:
Middle of the night callouts.
Driving a long way to a callout and just as you arrive hearing the “stand down” alarm!

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