Team member walks nearly two miles to help lady

Mountain Rescue Land Rover Snowy HillTrainee team member, Rich Brady, walked almost two miles in heavy snow to reach a lady trapped in her home, during the cold snap last week.

The lady, who had called 999 and requested an ambulance, was trapped in her home by 3ft of snow that had fallen over Thursday and Friday night. Welsh Ambulance Service vehicles could not reach the residence and NEWSAR was dispatched to treat and evacuate the lady and her husband.

“I got the call about 7.30 on Saturday morning. Chris, the search manager on duty, called me up once he realised I lived nearby …

I’d made myself available Friday night, but like a lot of people I couldn’t get my car off the drive, so I could only really help if one of the team vehicles was passing.

The walk would have normally taken 20-25 minutes, despite the long and winding hill that needed negotiating, but the deep snow slowed Rich’s progress.

“I said I’d be on scene in around 30 minutes, but seriously underestimated how slow I was going to be.  Getting to the bottom of the hill was fairly straightforward, but following the Land Rover tracks up was interesting.

If I’m honest, I didn’t think there would be much for me to do by the time I got there. An ambulance was supposed to be arriving at the roadhead an hour after I’d taken the call and that deadline was fast approaching.

The team Doctor and another volunteer team member were already on scene and by the time Rich arrived, the casualty and her husband were in the team Landrover.

The road needed further clearing and once he’d arrived Rich grabbed a shovel and joined several neighbours who were clearing the way. Another vehicle had made it up the hill ahead of Rich but had got itself stuck, blocking the road.

A few hundred shovelfulls later and a bit of pushing saw the trapped vehicle moved to one side and Rich joined his team mates and safely brought the casualty down to the main road in our Landrover ambulance.  Based on the information coming in over the radio, our team members made the decision to take the injured lady straight to the nearest hospital as it was apparent the adverse weather conditions were going to delay the arrival of an ambulance.

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